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Territorial Bio-districts to boost organic production
National and international interest

The Italian Association for Organic Agriculture is committed to the promotion and coordination of bio-districts on a national scale, using the experience of the Cilento Bio-District as a workshop of replicable practices. Already operating are the Grecanico Bio-District in the Calabria Region, the bio-district of Via Amerina e delle Forre in the Lazio Region and the bio-district of Greve in Chianti in Tuscany. Activities are also carried out to identify initiatives at national level that help consolidate the practices of organic production. For example, in the framework of projects funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, AIAB coordinates pilot group certification and participatory guarantee schemes to make organic farming more attractive to farmers discouraged by red tape and the complications of third party organic certification. AIAB participates in ministerial organic agriculture committees and regional IFOAM groups (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), which represents organic producers and consumers.
National bio-district marketing activities also aim to get new areas involved in the bio-district scheme. For example, in 2012, the Cilento Bio-District set up a coffee shop in the centre of Rome to spread the area’s culture, traditions and organic products. Bio-district producers directly supply the wellness restaurant and bio-bar, which acts as a sort of "Bio-District Embassy" where you can find all the aromas, flavours and knowledge of the land of Cilento.
AIAB also launched the establishment of the European Network and Mediterranean Bio-Districts, presented at organic food conferences held ??in Nuremberg and in the Republic of Korea. The aim is to create a network of areas that have chosen the organic model, promoting new experiences and the sustainable management European and Mediterranean areas. Exchanges have been organised, as well as visits to similar initiatives in France, Austria and Germany, and cooperation agreements have been signed with other organic associations operating in Mediterranean countries. AMABIO, in Morocco, is one of the organisations with which AIAB has established structural collaboration.