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Globally Important
Agricultural Heritage
Systems 2020


IDEASS is an international cooperation initiative aiming at strengthening integrated, sustainable and participatory territorial development processes by promoting innovations that have been successfully used in other areas and countries. The innovations promoted show the great patrimony of innovative knowledge for territorial and sustainable development existing worldwide.


2020 online edition of the Organic Innovation Days organized by the European Technology Platform TP Organicsmore 


Crédit Agricole du Maroc and the European Investment Bank signed an agreement to support agricultural sustainable ecosystems…more 

United States

Extraordinary record of 170 tons of ghost nets and plastic debris removed from the sea by the Ocean Voyages Institute in 2020...more 


Published the Report: The Great Green Wall - Implementation Status and Way Ahead to 2030more  

South Korea

The 6th ALGOA Summit - Asian Local Governments for Organic Agriculture - will officially launch the Global Alliance for Organic Districtsmore