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Kéré Architecture
for ecological building
in Burquina Faso

IDEASS is an international cooperation initiative aiming at strengthening integrated, sustainable and participatory territorial development processes by promoting innovations that have been successfully used in other areas and countries. The innovations promoted show the great patrimony of innovative knowledge for territorial and sustainable development existing worldwide.


Reports and News from the ITLA International Terraced Landscapes Alliance...more 


The winners of the 2023 Latin-America Verde Awards were celebrated, with projects developed in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Honduras, Argentina, Bolivia, Switzerland, Guatemala, and the United States… more


The Pan-Africa Bean Research Alliance PABRA has been honored with the prestigious Africa Food Prize for 2023…more 


The Global Landscape Forum has published the interesting article What Can Tradition Teach Us About Architecture? The article is based on the fact that buildings have a profound impact on the planet: they account for about a third of global energy consumption…more 

United Kingdom

Open the applications for the EnviroGrant 2024 set up by Veolia in partnership with the Staffordshire County Council in the United Kingdom…more