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The scientific supervision of IDEASS activities is guaranteed by Academy of Sciences of Cuba. The Academy actively promotes the IDEASS initiative inside the meetings of International Networks of Academies of Science.

A work team, composed by all Cuban institutions that have ideated the innovations promoted through IDEASS and a group of officers of the Ministry of Science and Technology, guarantees the coordinated development of the activities in the country.


The Ministry of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation actively promotes the IDEASS initiative inside the 77’s meetings concerning the south-south cooperation themes.

The Programme of Human Development at Local Level PDHL. The PDHL Programme, realized by UNDP and UNOPS, in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation, financed by Brazil, Canada, Spain, England, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland, represents the main promoter of IDEASS in Cuba. At present the projects of south-south-north cooperation are realized and implemented in the provinces of Pinar del Río, Granma, Guantánamo, Holguín, Las Tunas, Santiago de Cuba and in the municipality of la Habana Vieja.

Moreover the UNDP office participates in IDEASS through its Direction for environment preservation, promoting the innovations concerning environmental themes.

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