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he National Catalogue of innovations was created in Senegal in the framework of the project aimed to design an Incubator for innovative enterprises in Senegal’s Kaolack Region. The initiative was promoted by the Ministry of Commerce, Enterprises and Informal Sector in collaboration with the Ministry of Women, Family and Children, through the Department of Small and Medium Enterprises.

The National Catalogue of Innovations highlights some of Senegal’s finest innovative technologies and best practices, and valorises local traditions and sources in order to stimulate Kaoalck’s economic actors to initiate new innovative enterprises. This National Catalogue reflects the Country’s development strategies on sustainable development and green growth such as Senegal Emergent Plan (PSE) and with the institutions involved it aims at creating a permanent tool for local green and sustainable growth.

The Catalogue has been conceived by the National Institute of Agro-Food Technologies (ITA), in partnership with the University of Sine Saloum of Kaolack (USSK), and KIP International School in collaboration with IDEASS Program, through a partecipative process ivolving institutions, specialized centres, universities, social associations and organizations. Currently, the first 19 brochures are available in French and the texts have been written in collaboration with the authors of the innovations.


Décortiqueuse de Fonio


Recyclage de déchets plastiques
Matériaux de géobéton
De fluoration de l'eau
Cuisinières solaires
Cuir tanné
Confection de sacs en jute
Production de savon mberbeuf
Teinture traditionnelle
Etuvage de riz local

Farines enrichies extrudées
Huile détoxifiée

Inoculum de microorganismes
Production de Moringa
Thé de Bissap
Café a base de Niébé
Couscous économique