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• Albania

Integrated Pest Management Package on Olive

The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Package on olive is a strategy of olive pest control developed in Albania by the Plant Protection Institute (PPI), the leading institution of a wide research consortium. The IPM package gives the possibility to manage the olive fruit fly (Bactrocera olea Gml), the key pest of this crop that causes serious damage to the fruits and reduces the quality of the olive oil.

Olive production is a leading industry that contributes to local economic development and enhances the quality of life of the community. Albania is a traditional exporter of olives and olive oil and pests are the main constraint to production. In the past, olive fruits were treated with heavy quantities of broad-spectrum insecticides that are hazardous to the health and to the environment. At present, attempts are being made in Albania to reduce the use of chemicals by introducing new approaches, such as the integrated pest control (IPM) practices. In particular, the Plant Protection Institute (PPI), founded in 1971, promotes the adoption of practices that encourage a safe and efficient use of pesticides and support farmers in the implementation of innovative strategies.

By Josef Tedeschini and Brunhilda Stamo