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• Italy

Albergo Diffuso,developing tourism through innovation and tradition

A new tourist is now approaching global tourist markets. The “third-generation” tourist. The “first-generation” tourist, was he who in the 60’s initially conquered the “right to take a vacation”, and who was not focused on the type of structure he was being hosted in. The “second-generation” tourist, or the “mass – tourist”, was he who was interested in standardized services and in finding everywhere in the world the same comforts he had at home. This new tourist whose relevance and presence on the international tourist markets is rapidly increasing, on the contrary, has the desire of living a unique vacation, experiencing new and different places, receiving personalized services and looking for authenticity and immerging him/herself within the local cultures, in unique situations, difficult to be replicated. He is not only interested in visiting a new place, but also in living it. The third-generation tourist wants to experience the possibility of establishing new relations, not only with the other guests of the hotel, but mainly with the residents of the locality, adding the search for warm and sincere relations to the privacy anyone of us wants when times come to relax and spend free time.


By Giordano Dichter