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On April 13, the call 2010 for Eco-Innovations of the European Union has been launched in Bruxelles during a European Info-Day, to illustrate the priorities of the new edition and provide information on project funding. The Call gives a special priority to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Clusters of applicants and projects which demonstrate a European added value and have a high potential for market replication are strongly encouraged. The Call supports Eco-innovative projects in different sectors which aim at the prevention or reduction of environmental impacts or which contribute to the optimal use of resources in the sectors of materials recycling, building & construction, food & drink, greening business & 'smart' purchasing, and others. The call is open to the 27 EU Member States, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Albania, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Israel, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey and other non-EU countries provided they have the appropriate agreement in force. This call could offer a good opportunity to valorize the innovations of the IDEASS catalogue. More information and the text of the call 2010 can be found on the eco-innovation event web-page:

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