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Florence, Italy

On 22nd October 2010, the Observatory for arts and crafts (OMA), signed a cooperation agreement with the Interagency Scientific Committee for human development cooperation, to participate in the implementation of the Mediterranean University of Crafts. This initiative was announced at the conclusion of the Cairo Exhibition, held from 2nd to 4th June 2010, with the participation of the President of the Cultural Council of the Union for the Mediterranean, the Minister of Education and the Minister of Trade and Industry of Egypt, high-ranking French officials, the President of the World Crafts Council and UNESCO Office for Arab countries.
The Observatory for arts and crafts organizes, develops and promotes a series of cultural initiatives to encourage and awaken public interest in artistic crafts. OMA aims at creating a European network of institutions to support and promote the understanding of the various cultural identities and to improve quality of productions. The most important financial foundation of Tuscany has been associated with OMA to promote local arts and crafts. The agreement foresees that OMA should organize knowledge and skills of its partners so as to support trade promotion activities to be implemented in the member countries of the Mediterranean University.

For further information, please visit:
Observatory for arts and crafts (OMA)
Brochure University of Crafts

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