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The international conference European Integration, knowledge, innovation and democratic governance of development

The Government of Albania, in collaboration with the UNDP Albania Country Office, is organizing the international conference European Integration, knowledge, innovation and democratic governance of development, which will be held in Tirana on 13th and 14th January 2011. The event will be attended by stakeholders from the bilateral, multilateral and decentralized cooperation, local authorities, universities, associations and representatives of the private sector, from Albania, other Balkan countries, and Europe.
In particular, the event will be attended, for the Government of Albania, by the Minister of European Integration, the Minister for Reform and Innovation, the Minister of Environment, the Minister of Forests and Water Administration, the Deputy Minister of Interior for Local Powers, the Deputy Minister of Education. From Europe, the conference will be attended by the Vice-President of the European Parliament, the President of the Cultural Council of the Mediterranean Union, the President of the Regions Committee of EU, the European network of the regional economic Agencies EURADA.
The conference is being organized within the framework of the ART Programme, which operates in the Regions of Skodra and Vlore and represents a tool of the Government of Albania, of UNDP, of other Agencies and actors of the international cooperation, to support the national policies of integrated local development and the process of integration of Albania into Europe. It will be an occasion to interchange the most significant and innovative experiences implemented during the last ten years in Albania and in other Balkan countries, which adopt common development goals towards the UN Millennium platform and the European integration.
The conference objective is to identify modalities for these experiences proposing innovative solutions to have a significant impact on national policies and on the training activities directed to development cadres.
In this framework, the IDEASS innovations implemented in Albania since years will be valorized, as the natural water purification, recognized by the Ministry of Environment as a best practice at the national level and the implementation of the kangaroo mother method, which has been adopted by the Ministry of Health. The event will also launch the participation of Albania in the Mediterranean University of Craft and Trades programme, to rescue and valorize the important tangible and intangible heritage of the country.

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