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HFRC Herbal Folklore Research Centre, Tirupati, India

The Herbal Folklore Research Centre (HFRC) has developed the Raincoat Package, a kit that provides for all kinds of uses for the Neem plant. One Raincoat Package contains all five parts of the Neem tree, i. e. bark, root, fruit, flower and leaves. All that is required are expanded and innovative ways to use the plant parts for particular conditions. The Raincoat Package uses the Neem seeds to combat insects and other pests, and Neem leaves to protect grain in storage, while the residual material is used as a biofertilizer (compost) for crops.

Focal Point IDEASS:
Dr. Vedavathy

B – 23, Vaikuntapuram, Tirupati 517502, India
Tel: (+ 91) 0877 224 2695 / (+ 91) 0877 225 8860