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ARPAT Regional Agency of Tuscany for the Environmental Protection, Italy

Tuscany was the first Italian region to establish a regional agency for the protection of the environment, ARPAT, which was founded in 1996. The agency has an autonomous and flexible structure which is open to participation. Its services include control, information, research and consultancy for the protection of the environment, which it provides through a network of laboratories and offices located in the ten provinces of Tuscany, in Piombino, Empoli, Borgo San Lorenzo, Sesto Fiorentino, San Romano, Valdarno and Versilia. ARPAT bases its activities on the idea of sustainable development. It urges local authorities and businesses to adopt measures and take action to ensure compatibility between the environment and development.

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Focal Point IDEASS:
Beatrice Pucci

Via Nicola Porpora, 22, 50144, Firenze, Italia
Tel: (+ 39) 055 47 07 29
Fax: (+ 39) 055 47 55 93