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CENSA National Centre for Agricultural Health, Cuba

Cuba’s National Agrarian Health Centre was founded in 1969. Its mission is to contribute to the preservation and improvement of animal, vegetable and human health. Adopting the necessary infrastructure and qualified personnel, it works towards the development of high level research and services to obtain, assess and commercialise products and technology for the diagnosis, prophylaxis of, and recovery from, the main illnesses that have an impact on the country’s economic and social programmes, promoting the training of highly qualified personnel at the national and international levels. In Cuba CENSA has created the Stabilak, which is a product that activates an inherent defence system found naturally in the milk of all mammals, called Lactoperoxidase System. It is used to maintain the initial quality of raw milk for human consumption.

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Focal Point IDEASS:
Pastor Ponte Ceballo

Apdo Postal 10, San José de las Lajas, La Habana, Cuba
Tel: (+ 53) 64 631 45
Fax: (+ 53) 64 981 04 / (+ 53) 64 63 897