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National Centre for Traditional and Natural Medicine, Cuba

The mission of the National Centre for Traditional and Natural Medicine is to implement, oversee, and assess the national programme of traditional medicine in all provinces. It directs and coordinates all activities. It is connected to numerous institutions such as the Ministry of Science and Technology - CITMA, the Ministry of Agriculture - MINAGRI, the Ministry of Education, the CDRs, the FMCs, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Home Ministry, the Ministry of Domestic Trade. The Centre promotes the integration of the practice of traditional and natural medicine (MTN) into the health system. The scope of the MTN is wide-ranging and embraces health promotion, prevention of illnesses, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients by using, amongst other things, the procedures of traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, bee venom therapy, homeopathy, flower therapy, suggestion and hypnosis.

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Focal Point IDEASS:
Leoncio Padrón Cáceres

Calle 44 No. 502 entre 5ta. y 5ta. A, Playa, Ciudad de La Habana
Tel: (+ 53) 7 20 90 532
Fax: (+ 53) 7 20 34 965