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Office of the Historian of la Habana Historical Centre, Cuba

The Office of the Historian of the City of la Habana is an institution founded in 1938, a pioneer in the transformation of heritage preservation and defence of national identity. It has always been closely tied to every tangible and intangible heritage preservation process and has lived through various political and socio-economic scenarios, in which it has always asserted its role as intellectual vanguard. The rehabilitation of the historical centre of Havana has been given an extraordinary boost with the implementation of a new management model established in 1993. It takes culture as its guiding principle and places the human being at the centre of the whole process as creator, conveyor and transmitter of cultural models and thus as the protagonist of development. To this socio-cultural vision of recovery an economic perspective using criteria of profitability was added, which sought to make the process sustainable.

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Patricia Rodríguez Alomá

Plan Maestro, Oficina del Historiador de la ciudad, Empedrado 151 esquina a Mercaderes, Plaza de la Catedral, Habana Vieja, C.P. 10 100, Cuba
Tel: (+ 53) 7 860 43 11 / (+ 53) 7 860 43 14