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COELMON Cooperativa Integral de Producción “El Limón R.L.”, Guatemala

The successful history of the COELMON cooperative started in the early 90s, when the community of Marajuma, in the municipality of Morazán (Department of Progreso) went through an unprecedented economic crisis. Extreme poverty, malnutrition, lack of resources and unemployment affected the population so seriously that it was decided to find alternative forms of economic development. The proposal was to exploit the potential for producing lemons and tackle the price crisis by processing and commercialising lemons. The COELMON cooperative has developed an innovative method for the natural dehydration of lemons, a sustainable environmental answer to the problem of generating income and work in semiarid and marginal zones, where it is hard to find other productive agricultural options.

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Focal Point IDEASS:
Nery Gonzalo Arriaza

Aldea Marajuma, municipios de Morazán, El Progreso, Guatemala
Tel: (+ 502) 206 5876, (+ 502) 206 2616
Fax: (+ 502) 206 5923