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MALOKA Interactive Centre, Bogotá, Colombia

Maloka project was the result of an initiative by the Colombian Association for the Advancement of Science (A.C.A.C.), as a strategy to make science and technology known to society at large and promote a culture that is based on knowledge. Maloka is a private non-profit making organisation, receiving contributions from national government bodies, the District of Bogotá, private enterprises and private individuals. Maloka is self-sustainable, providing its own activities, its own technology, and run through public and privates institutions.

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Focal Point Ideass:
Nohora Elizabeth Hoyos

Carrera 68D Nº 40ª-51 Ciudad salitre ,Bogotá, Colombia
Tel: (+ 57) 1 4272707
Fax: (+ 57) 1 4272747