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Potters for Peace, Nicaragua

Ceramistas Por La Paz (CPLP - Potters for Peace) began in 1987 as a network of individual and collective potters in Nicaragua and the United States whose objective was peace building through equitable relations. The work of CPLP began fundamentally with very low-income women potters who support their family from the small-scale sales of craft pottery. The mission of the organization is to assist potters with appropriate technologies, marketing skills, and accompaniment to improve their livelihood while preserving environmental and cultural traditions. The mission of the organization expanded in 1989 to include the promotion of a ceramic water filter technology. The ceramic water filter technology develops local capacity and seeks to provide potable water to communities lacking access to potable water. Ten production workshops locally owned and managed in Latin America, Africa and Asia are currently producing ceramic water filters and providing potable water to impoverished urban and rural communities.

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Ron Rivera

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