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Belvedere S.p.A. of Peccioli is an example of the efficient management of a refuse dump that does not have significant impacts on the environment and whose profits are re-invested in the public interest. Today, the refuse from a large part of the territory of the Tuscany Region is handled by the Peccioli plant, which has in a short time become one of the most efficient refuse disposal centres in Italy. The Municipality of Peccioli has not only resolved the waste problem, it has also made the dump environmentally compatible, and in so doing achieved recognition from some of Europe’s most important environmental certification bodies. The company is owned by the municipal authorities and local shareholders, the citizens of Peccioli and Valdera, who make good use of the benefits and revenues that flow from the refuse dump. Blelvedere S.p.A. is run by a board of directors and its policies are agreed upon by the shareholders; is a company with a fragmented shareholding, that is where the ownership is split into small units spread among a large number of shareholders, none of which has a stake of sufficient size to enjoy sole control. Among the shareholders, the public authority holds the majority stake.

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Renzo Macelloni

Registered and main offices: Piazza del Popolo 10, 5603, Peccioli (PI), Italy.
Tel. (+ 39) 0587 672073
Fax (+ 39) 587 672075
Office: Località Belvedere – Legoli 56030 Peccioli (PI), Italy.
Tel. (+ 39) 587 632124
Fax (+ 39) 587 632153