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The Petnica Science Center (PSC), Serbia

The Petnica Science Center (PSC) is the first truly non-governmental educational institution in Yugoslavia founded in 1982 to help and support for the most promising young people (gifted and talented students) who are highly interested in science . Most of the PSC's educational activities are designed for high school students (grade 9-12), but there is also a variety of programs for elementary school children, college undergraduates, graduate students and school teachers. The PSC has gained recognition for its innovative methods in science education and it is highly respected in Yugoslavia and abroad for its significant advances in identifying and educating gifted children and students. The centre covers about 500 schools, with more than 800 professional scientists and university teachers who spend many days as volunteers giving lectures or conducting discussions and experiments with about 3,000 best Yugoslav (and not only Yugoslav) students every year. With no marks, no rigid discipline, with flexible innovative programs, interactive teaching, modern equipment, no regional or national boundaries for the students, with young staff (the average. age is 26) and a thousand enthusiastic scientists and teachers, the PSC is not only the heart of Yugoslav alternative education, but one of a very few real happy places for young people in impoverished and divided countries.

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