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ILS/LEDA. International Liaison Services for Local Economic Development Agencies

The International Liaison Services for Local Economic Development Agencies (ILS/LEDA) has a large experience in the creation and management of Local Economic Development Agencies and in fostering territorial processes and strategies within the vision of human sustainable, fair and inclusive economic development. Its experience lasts since 1990 and it was realised in more than 20 countries mainly in the framework of United Nations Agencies and European Union programs.
68 Local Economic Development Agencies of 16 countries are part of the ILS LEDA network. They operate in Albania (2), Argentina (14), Colombia (11), Ecuador (2), El Salvador (7), Guatemala (4), Haiti (1), Honduras (4), India (1), Lebanon (2), Mozambique (6), Nicaragua (2), Dominican Republic (7), Serbia (2), Senegal (2), and Uruguay (1). ILS LEDA provides them with technical assistance, capacity building, distance support and international relationships.
ILS LEDA also provides support to local, national and international actors in order to enhance local resources, build and manage LEDAs or similar structures, promote territorial marketing, development strategies and plans, besides training modules for development agents.