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KIP International School - Knowledge, Innovations, Policies and Territorial Practices for the United Nations Millennium Platform

The KIP International School promotes knowledge, innovations, policies and territorial practices that are coherent with the objectives and values of the United Nations Millennium Platform. The School is based on the experience of the multilateral human development programmes implemented in the last twenty years in many countries.
Created in 2011, the KIP School is comprised of a network of experiences, organizations, specialized centres and universities of interested countries, who intend to work together to construct new knowledge and develop new tools for planning and managing territorial development processes. It is based on structures involved in development practice, in research for innovation and building capacities of development actors. The KIP Scientific Committee draws on an international network of research and training facilities, benefiting from the advice of experts and personalities from the worlds of science, culture and cooperation. All the partners mobilized by the KIP School participate in the IDEASS activities.