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Biodigestors network for Latin America and the Caribbean

The Biodigestors network for Latin America and the Caribbean, author of the Low cost Biodigesters IDEASS Brochure, is an organization of reference for the research, development, implementation and dissemination of biodigesters to encourage proper management of natural resources and promote economic welfare in Latin America and the Caribbean. The organization articulates the institutions related to comprehensive treatment and management of organic waste. Its main objectives are: to exchange information and experiences among the participating institutions in the RedBioLAC, identify and overcome technical barriers, environmental, social and economic, propose projects, mechanisms and ideas to disseminate biodigester technology in LAC; build partnerships that facilitate adoption of biodigester technology, systematize research and dissemination of it among partners (Health, Finance, Politics, Education, Industry and Marketing); promote the incorporation of other organizations, institutions and researchers in the field of biodigesters; promoting influence actions and impact of policies related to the biodigesters.


The International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering is one of the first autonomous research and development agencies, created by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in 1987 under the auspices of UNESCO. Since its creation, this organization has conducted training, research and technology transfer programs in the field of numerical methods, and applications in engineering in an international context. CIMNE Center organizes a wide range of activities to teach and disseminate knowledge, such as courses, seminars, conferences and publications.

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Jaime Marti Herrero
PhD Researcher
International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering - CIMNE
Address: C / Dr. Ullés n º 2, 3 º 08224 Terrassa • Spain
Phone: 591-73090621 / +34 - 93 401 0796 / 7441