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INMA- L’Institut National des Métiers d’Art

The Institut National des Métiers d'Art (INMA), author of the Official Directory of Art Professions in France - IDEASS Brochure, is working under the dual supervision of the Secretary of State in charge of trade, handicrafts, tourism, SMEs, professional occupations and consumption, and the Ministry of Culture and Communication. This unique inter-ministerial structure has become a reference for the trades of art, and has 4 main objectives: to develop high level skills with crafts and art know-how, promoting networking group art trades with all the institutional actors and professionals interested, increasing the promotion of art trades nationally and internationally, to explore new areas of cultural development (visual arts, design, fashion arts)

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Catherine Virassamy
Address: 23 Avenue Daumesnil 75012 Paris
Phone: 0033 55 78 85 89