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Center of Natural Agricolture of Edesa, Greece

The Centre of Natural Agriculture of Edesa, author of the Natural Farming IDEASS Brochure, was founded in 1999 by a group of volunteers specialized in agriculture. The principal objectives of the centre are: building farms and natural orchards in Greece and other countries; making crops for the greening of mountains and deserts; organizing training courses in the field of ambient education; recollecting seeds for the various planting activities.
In addition the Centre of Natural Agriculture of Edesa organizes lectures, meetings and study courses of formation at a national and international level with the objective of educating and forming companies, schools and institutions that teach the methods of natural agriculture.

For more information:

Director of the Center for Natural Agriculture of Edessa
Panos Manikis
Tel. 00-30-23810-27312
Address: Klisochori, Municipality of Edessa 2nd Km of the Edessa-Aridea Street

Natural Agricultural Center Assistant of Edessa
Dimitris Desyllas
Tel 00-30-27440-57355