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IN.N.E.R International Network of Eco-regions

International Network of Eco Regions affiliates the broad Network of Bio-districts and Eco-Regions building an international network of territories where organic production and consumption methods become drivers of a sustainable development. INNER aims to enhance and improve the associated practices through joint actions, sharing of information and knowledge and promoting policies on integrated and sustainable development at local, national and international level. The participative construction of a service support system for organic territories deals with training, research, social and environmental innovation, documentation of good practices, and a managing tool kit for the implementation of new Bio-districts. The territorial strategy builds on mutual trust among consumers and government institutions in charge of the legal frameworks to safeguard and valorise good governance experiences, resulting in a network of cooperative system of Bio-districts that are attractive for the high degree of well-being of people and the health of the ecosystem.
Since 2014 INNER collaborates with IDEASS to promote at international level the innovative methodology of the Bio-districts. The INNER secretariat sends a monthly newsletter to its members presenting innovative methodologies and techniques published by IDEASS that can be implemented to improve ongoing activities in the territories.