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Stabilak, natural preservation of milk

by Ondina Leon Diaz and Pastor Ponce Ceballo


IDEASS is an international cooperation initiative aiming at strengthening integrated, sustainable and participatory territorial development processes by promoting innovations that have been successfully used in other areas and countries. The innovations promoted show the great patrimony of innovative knowledge for territorial and sustainable development existing worldwide.


The Barsha Pump to irrigate fields without using any fuel or electricity is being installed in many countries…more  


The Architecture Km 0 to build houses more sustainable and based on the valorisation of cultural and material resources of territories…more 


Natural Refrigerator Mitticool that runs without electricity keeping groceries fresh for eight days…more 


The first 3D Printer designed and built in Lomé using parts from discarded e-waste…more 

Holland and Poland

New bike path charged by sunlight that glows bright blue at night…more