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Low cost Biodigesters

by Jaime Martí Herrero


IDEASS identifies and promotes internationally innovations that have demonstrated their contribution to human development. IDEASS supports the transfer of these innovations by organizing cooperation projects in the interested countries, with the technical and financial contribution of international and decentralized cooperation actors


The first solar roadway which generates solar power from rugged, textured glass-covered photovoltaic cells opened in Amsterdam….more 


The ILSLEDA RESCO methodology is being implemented in Tunisia in the framework of the UNOPS Atlas project to valorise economic resources of the Kerouan and Jendouba regions…more  


The pedal powered portable light from an old bike is used to illuminate communities non connected to power grids…more 


 More than 220.000 visitors coming from 100 countries participated in Terra Madre 2014 international Event organized by Slow Food…more