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by Paolo Franceschetti


IDEASS is an international cooperation initiative aiming at strengthening integrated, sustainable and participatory territorial development processes by promoting innovations that have been successfully used in other areas and countries. The innovations promoted show the great patrimony of innovative knowledge for territorial and sustainable development existing worldwide.

El Salvador

The Legislative Assembly unanimously approved the Law of Prohibition of Metallic Mining to protect natural resources and sustainable development….more 


The FundsforNGOs Initiative providing online information for NGOs to increase their awareness and access to donors…more 


The submission deadline date of the Dubai International Award for Best Practices has been extended to August 31, 2017…more 


The winners of the 13th Edition of the UNWTO Awards for excellence and innovation in sustainable tourism…more  


Local economic development enhanced in the Enbek-Kazakh District mobilizing the joint capacities of local actors and promoting innovation…more