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Official Directory of Art Professions

by Catherine Virassamy


IDEASS is an international cooperation initiative aiming at strengthening integrated, sustainable and participatory territorial development processes by promoting innovations that have been successfully used in other areas and countries. The innovations promoted show the great patrimony of innovative knowledge for territorial and sustainable development existing worldwide.


The 15th Pan-American Dairy Congress organized by the Pan-American Dairy Federation FEPALE in Argentina….more 


Partnership established between the Slow Cities Movement and the Bio-districts and Eco-regions INNER Network…more 


The new edition of the Empowering People Award launched by the Siemens-Stiftung Foundation to identify technological innovations for basic supply…more 


The 10 winners of the 2018 Ashden Awards were celebrated as the best in sustainable energy…more 


The Government of China has tasked 60.000 soldiers with a new mission: planting trees to create new forests…more