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Grazing dairy cows, a model of sustainable agriculture
Adopting the grazing dairy cows in other countries

The production of milk from grazing cattle and mobile milking machines is not subject to any legislative restrictions.

However, the following are of prime importance:

  • Soil and climate;
  • Cultural conditions;
  • Social conditions;
  • Political conditions.

In terms of climate and terrain, the average annual temperature, the amount and frequency of rainfall, and soil fertility must be taken into account;

In terms of culture, knowledge of production techniques, interest in learning new technology, education and participation in agricultural training courses must be taken into account;

Important social concerns include the existence of producers, efficient technical and veterinary assistance networks and easy accessible markets to sell products;

Political concerns regard the willingness of national, regional, and local institutions to invest in the development of the dairy sector, guaranteeing easy access to investment aid, providing vocational training and technical assistance.

The following Associations and institutions might be interested in this project:
  • producer associations;
  • professional associations;
  • consumer associations;
  • local and regional technical assistance institutions;
  • international institutions involved in local development;
  • universities.