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• Nicaragua

Home Biofilters - Biological filters to remove greywater nutrients
International interest

Home biofilter technology has already been adopted in several Latin American countries. The ISSUE-2 programme receives assistance from the Asociación Centroamericana para la Economía and the Costa Rican Salud y el Ambiente (ACEPESA), the agency responsible for the ISSUE programme in that country.

Spanish cooperation is currently providing support on issues related to water and sanitation. Through the Alliance for Water Programme and the Government of Aragon, which is responsible for financing such projects in Nicaragua, a donation has been granted for the implementation of 100 systems in 100 households in ISSUE-2 target areas.

Home Biofilters won first prize in the 2009 edition of the Innovation Competition for Human Development, organized by the Nicaraguan Council of Science and Technology (CONICYT), in collaboration with major international and national organizations operating in Nicaragua.