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• Italy

From the asylum to territorial services for mental health

The Trieste Department of Mental Health and the WHO Collaborative Centre provide technical assistance to countries wishing to initiate mental health reform processes. To learn more and to establish future collaborations, please contact:

Trieste Department of Mental Health 
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WHO Collaborative Centre 
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Ugo Guarino is the author of the cover design of the brochure. Born in Trieste in 1930, painter, sculptor and graphic artist, he has actively participated since 1972 to the opening of the Trieste hospital, and the promotion of the territorial services. The paper Rainbow and the improvised workshops were the first concrete and evident signs of the patients’ desire to communicate. He worked for several American galleries and participated to the artistic avant-garde of the sixties. He has published many works. In the book Zitti e buoni! Tecniche del controllo published by Feltrinelli in 1979, he puts together the hilarious and tragic graphic observations of his work in the hospital.