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Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka - Albania

Advocacy Meeting for the Mother-Kangaroo Method in the Uva Province: key step of the South-South partnership between Albanian and Sri Lanka on newborn care....more

Sri Lanka

The Local Economic Development Agency RUEDA of the Southern Province in Sri Lanka, exchange experiences with the Services Centers for Women Entrepreneurship (CSEM) of Central America… more


From 10 to 12 May 2010, the mission to Albania of public health authorities of Sri Lanka was held to interchange experience and share information on the implementation of Mother Kangaroo methodology... more

Albania - Sri Lanka

Health authorities of Sri Lanka will interchange experience with Albanian health authorities on the Mother Kangaroo Method... more


Sri Lanka

The Italian Umbria Region and the Sri Lankan health authorities cooperate at the mental health care reform process in the Uva Province... more


Sri Lanka

The Ministry of Health in Nicaragua, in collaboration with the UNDP Country Office and the ART UNDP Sri Lanka Program, has taken action to provide the Leptospirosis kits requested by the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka... more




Sri Lanka

[p:justify]On August 2007 IDEASS opened its activities in Sri Lanka, in the framework of the UNDP ART GOLD Program, through a start up mission from International Secretariat. Following IDEASS methodology, a variety of national and local potential partners from different sectors have been invited and participated into several meetings at different levels in order to ensure an adequate dissemination of the full potentiality represented by IDEASS initiative. The main objectives were to introduce in Sri Lanka the international innovations promoted by IDEASS and to identify and collect Sri Lankean innovations to be internationally promoted.
Main interests have been expressed about public health innovations to benefit Sri Lankean communities (such as Filtron, Sierodiagnosis Kit for Leptospirosis, Mother Kangaroo method) and about the potentiality of Sri Lanka Inventors Commission to be the promoter of national innovations to be inserted in IDEASS International Catalogue.


Sri Lanka

From 15 July to 7 October 2007, a stage took place in Sri Lanka, as part of a master of the University of Bologna (Italy). The stage, realized by Davide Ceretti in the framework of the ART Program and IDEASS, enabled to develop a specific research on sustainable energy in the Southern Province... more