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SOLAREF, 100% autonomous solar ice fridge

SOLAREF is an autonomous solar ice fridge, 100% thermal solar, without wear nor maintenance, providing affordable and environmentally safe refrigeration for the maintenance of vaccines and medicines, and the preservation of food.

It is produced by the SOLAREF company, and it is extremely useful where there is no electricity or difficulties in supplies of electricity (energy).

Furthermore SOLAREF has a cooperative trade distribution network strategy , through which helps installing the solar ice fridge in every part of the world.

The development of the autonomous solar ice fridges started with the CNRS in France during the 80th, and continued with HEIG-VD LESBAT in Swiss during the beginning of 2000th, relieved by CEAS (NGO based in Swiss) at Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso the last 3 years.

Solar thermal technology for cooling, highlighted by European BIC Network, precisely by his local agency THESAME in Haute-Savoie (France), is going to provide new ecological products for the next years, such as:
• Autonomous solar machine making ice cubes intended for conservation of fishes and farmers fruits.

• Solar systems for cold rooms for preservation of seeds.

• Autonomous solar machine for the production of water by condensation of air humidity.

Winner of the prize of innovation 2007 in contest “J’aime ma planète” (I love my planet) awarded by NGO PRIORITERRE (France, November 2007), golden medal and congratulations by the jury and special prize of innovation awarded at the international jury of the exhibition of inventions Geneva (Swiss, April 2008).

SOLAREF won a special prize by the national federation of French inventors association (FNAFI) and special prize of innovation by the European Business Network (EBN, BIC Thesame France) at this event too.

SOLAREF won the second prize of the EBN-UNDP concourse for the best innovations for human development at the 2008 EBN Congress.