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SOLAREF, 100% autonomous solar ice fridge
The problem it solves

SOLAREF gives effective ecological response to the problem of preserving foods, medical drugs, and vaccines without use of electricity, while contributing to the environmental safeguard and to job creation.

SOLAREF is an autonomous engine, without any connection to any energy network, that uses only sun power, without any mechanical part in movement (no wear), able to safe food or vaccines or seeds during 3 days without sun

SOLAREF is, therefore, extremely useful in all the cases there is no possibility, or difficulties of using electrical power, in deserted or isolated areas, where the energy is very expensive, when people want to save energy, or they do not want to contaminate the environment.

SOLAREF does not contaminate, so contributing to the environmental safeguard. In fact it does not use harmful gas or liquids or electrical battery, any electrical system or electronic component, any motor or compressor, no mechanical part in movement (except the door).

All main breakdown factors are eliminated, and the environment is protected.

If the 100 000 kerosene fridges actually in place in development countries would be replaced by devices such as SOLAREF, it would be possible to save more than 85 metric tons of CO2. they emit in the atmosphere every year

It is moreover a cheap solution, taking into account the low maintenance coasts.

Finally it provides new job opportunities because Solaref fridges are assembled, installed and maintained by local working population (also in developing countries) in services centers created and trained by Solaref teams, that gives local work, and local guarantee for the product. This is thanks to the SOLAREF philosophy of cooperative trade, where the product is sold if and only if local population know how to build and repair them.

All programs of evaluation were followed and qualified by HEIG-VD LESBAT, their publications on this subject are accessible on web site