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Low cost Biodigesters to produce biogas and natural fertilizer from organic waste
International interest

There are several projects for the dissemination of biodigesters.In Asia, Dutch Cooperation (SNV) has led major national programmes in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries.China and India have their own national programmes.In Africa, Dutch Cooperation SNV and German Technical Cooperation (GIZ) have programmes, primarily in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, where there are no national impact programmes, there are many different experiences operating, mainly in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.

In particular, the Project EnDev-Bolivia Access to Energy of the GIZ, is being developed in Bolivia and it is at the present moment the largest project in Latin America on bio-digesters. The project designs and disseminates promotional material, didactic design of bio-digisters, social management of projects and trains the Centre of Biodigesters Biogas and Biól research (CIB3). More than 400 bio-digesters have been installed in the last years in the framework of this Project.

The Network of Biodigesters for Latin America and the Caribbean (REDBioLAC) brings together various institutions involved in research, development, dissemination and implementation of low cost biodigesters in 9 Latin American countries.Its members include biodigester manufacturers, NGOs, research centres and universities that share common goals, such as to:
· Exchange information and experiences among RedBioLAC members
· Identify and overcome technical, environmental, social and economic barriers
· Propose projects, mechanisms and ideas to spread biodigester technology in other countries
· Build partnerships that facilitate the adoption of biodigester technology.
· Systemize research and dissemination among partners (health, finance, politics, education, industry and marketing).
· Promote the participation of other organizations, institutions and researchers working in the field of biodigesters.
· Promote actions that can influence and impact policies related to biodigesters.