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Low cost Biodigesters to produce biogas and natural fertilizer from organic waste
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• Botero & Preston. 1987. Biodigestores de bajo costo para la producción de combustible y fertilizante a partir de la excreta. Manual para su Instalación, operación y utilización.

• Lylian Rodríguez and T R Preston, ?Biodigester installation manual?. University of Tropical Agriculture Foundation, Vietnam. (Inglés).

• Marti Herrero, Jaime. 2008. Guia de Diseño y Manual de instalación de biodigestores familiares (GIZ) (Castellano).

• Libro publicado online por la FAO, contiene toda la información biológica, técnica sobre la digestión anaerobia y los biodigestores en general (Inglés)


• A selection of the most important articles on biodigesters can be found at:

• Livestock Research for Rural Development. This on-line magazine has a lot of information about biodigesters, including technical and social studies, reviews, etc.

• REDBIOLAC is a network of universities, businesses and NGOs in Latin America concerned with biodigesters:

• Biodigester research, development and projects in Bolivia can be found at

• Paul Harris, a professor at Adelaide University in Australia, has posted a great deal of information about biogas on his website (in English and Castilian), both for beginners and experts:

More information

With its scientific, technical and social experience REDBIOLAC can provide assistance for low cost biodigester research, development, dissemination and implementation projects. The following experts can provide more information on low-cost biodigesters

Jaime Martí Herrero
CIMNE- UPC & EnDev-Bolivia (GIZ)
C/ Dr. Ullés nº 2, 3º
08224 Terrassa • Spain
Tel: +591-73090621 (Bolivia)
Tel: +34 - 93 401 0796/7441 (Spain)

Raúl Botero Botero
Universidad EARTH
Apdo. 4442-1000
San José, Costa Rica.
Tel: (506) 2713-0000
Fax: (506) 2713-0001

Rene Alvarez
Facultad de Ingenieria, 2 piso
Avd. Mariscal Santa Cruz 1175
La Paz, Bolivia
Tel. (+591)-67307535

Alex Eaton
A.C. Tlacotalpan No. 6 Bis, Int 301, Col Roma Mexico D.F. 06760
Tel: (52) 55 3547 0221