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Moxibustion, to correct a breech presentation of the fetus
Adopting Moxibustion in other countries

The use of moxibustion in cases of breech presentation of the fetus is simple to learn and practice. What is more, it can be applied easily in different cultural contexts even if these differences may influence the effectiveness of the treatment.

It is certainly important that the method be applied in a hospital environment, but it is also possible in other circumstances with the assistance of medical and paramedical personnel who have received the necessary technical training.

Operatives and patients should be given basic information about the main principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its philosophy. Patients must be informed of the possible need for a caesarean section if treatment is not successful.

To encourage the use of the method in other countries, the Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fior di Prugna (part of the Local Health Agency no. 10 of Florence) is available to carry out intensive courses, at its own centre, for operatives from interested countries. The Centre is also willing to provide technical assistance and training for structures in other countries that intend to include this method in their own health services. The procedures for such a collaboration can be agreed by the interested parties.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre Fior di prugna, in particular, is willing to provide technical assistance to:
promote the knowledge and application of the method at its reference centres in the interested countries;
assess the results and see to what extent the method could be reproduced in different social, health and cultural contexts;
contribute to training the operatives and to organising antenatal services.

The countries and structures who would like to adopt the method can in any case request the help of WHO which, on the basis of trials on its efficacy to date, considers moxibustion to be one of the practices of proven effectiveness demonstrated with RTC.