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The Government of Albania, as the Guest of Honor of the fifth edition of the Mediterranean Parks Fair, presented the national policies for management and promotion of the environment and cultural heritage... more


Second Mission of "la Compagnia dei Parchi" and Federparchi for sustainable tourism in Albania

The second mission to Albania of the President of Compagnia dei Parchi Mr. Roberto Di Vincenzo and his staff and the Representative of Federparchi, main Italian Association of Natural Parks, Mrs. Stefania Petrosillo was carried out from 24th to 28th September 2007 in the framework of the IDEASS activities for the transfer of the “Compagnia dei Parchi” innovation in the Country.
The main objective of the mission was to realize a study field trip in the Northern area of the Country, in the Region of Shkoder in order to conduct a feasibility survey, to receive further information about tourism in Thethi and Kelmendi area, and to identify the possibility to implement a project for developing and managing the natural protected areas with the CdP’s methodologies... more


The main results of Compagnia dei Parchi mission in Albania

The mission of Compagnia dei Parchi in Albania, carried out from 11 to 14 December 2006 within the framework of the ART GOLD Programme, produced important results, generating the interest of the Albanian Ministry of the Environment to implement a successful strategy for Albanian Park management and development and for sustainable tourism initiatives.

During the mission, Roberto Di Vincenzo and Matteo Fusilli, Presidents of Compagnia dei Parchi and Federparchi, the main Italian associations of Natural Parks, met the Albanian Environmental and Tourism Authorities in order to implement a project for developing and managing the natural protected areas in the Country with the CdP’s methodologies. The Minister of Environment, Forest and Water Administration, Lufter Xhuveli and the Deputy Minister, Taulant Bino expressed the will to realize a project for sustainable tourism in a wide area of North Albania that possesses the characteristics to become an international “adventure tourism” and naturalistic attraction pole. The Deputy-Minister of Tourism and Culture, Suzana Turku and her staff offered complete support to the mission and proposed the realization of a common work table in order to explore the ways to activate in Albania an innovative tourism product fostering economic local development. Some areas of the Country have been mentioned, and their suitability will be investigated on the basis of the documentation that will be collected and transmitted to the IDEASS staff in the next weeks.

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