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BACTIVEC® Y GRISELESF®, Bio-larvicides for mosquito control

GRISELESF® is a water based suspension made up of the following ingredients:

The active ingredient is a specific pathogenic agent consisting of the spores and toxic crystals of the strictly aerobic gram variable bacterium Bacillus sphaericus 2362 serotype H5a5b. Effects begin 48-72 hours after ingestion, causing intestinal paralysis in the larvae and poisoning due to the toxic crystals produced by the spores, which are highly specific to mosquito larvae. The product causes no harm to hot blooded vertebrates, amphibians or other aquatic animals.

GRISELESF® provides the following advantages in the biological control of mosquito larvae:

Just one application kills mosquito larvae in stages I-III and the beginning of stage IV, through ingestion.

It does not lead to resistance.

It is effective in all cases, including mosquito populations resistant to chemical products.

It has no effect on man or domestic animals, so no antidote is need if accidentally ingested.

Since it is biodegradable, it does not harm the environment.

It is very cost effective: it remains in mosquito breeding habits for longer than chemical larvicides since activity increases after spores germinate from the remains of dead larvae. It is very effective in breeding areas with a large water surface area, where mosquitoes carrying malaria, human filariasis and encephalitis generally breed. Two applications a year are enough to control outside mosquito breeding areas.

As opposed to chemical products, which are also deadly for other living creatures, it can be safely used with other bio-larvicides present in aquatic habitats, such as larva-eating fish and other aquatic insects.