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BACTIVEC® Y GRISELESF®, Bio-larvicides for mosquito control

Increasing use is made of GRISELESF® and BACTIVEC® larvicides because:

These products are harmless to other animal species, man and the environment.

The advanced technological nature of the products provides a greater understanding of biological infestation control mechanisms and methods, both for the personnel involved in the spraying programmes and the people, who can appreciate the beneficial effects of the method.

They arouse great interest in health authorities and the business sector, since, compared to traditional methods, they are not harmful or so ineffective.

They win recognition from those concerned because of the benefits they represent for health.

They protect people working in agricultural areas, stabilising the workforce and making economic successes more sustainable.

Production is sustainable because they are made up of ingredients that are easy to acquire anywhere in the world.

In terms of cost effectiveness, the employment of these bio-larvicides to treat mosquito breeding areas instead of chemical larvicides such as Temephos and Fenthion produces economic savings of up to 60%. One of the main reasons for this is that the effects of bio-larvicides are longer lasting.

The superiority of bio-larvicides is also clear in terms of the benefits they bring to human health and the biotic environment in general. Chemical larvicides are losing credibility because they produce resistant mosquito populations and harm other aquatic creatures in the ecosystem. In terms of tourism, the use of chemical products is increasingly deplored, because they pollute the environment.