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Compagnia dei parchi, for sustainable tourism
Adopting Compagnia dei Parchi in other countries

In order to replicate CDP’s operational model in other countries, it is vital to establish a network of relationships with all those public institutions that, both directly and indirectly, are charged with the task of relaunching neglected areas that are potentially important in terms of tourism and the environment.

The basic requirements for replicating the model in other countries are:

A body of national regulations that ensure the respect of the commonly accepted rules of a free market, and the creation of a system for the provision of local tourism-related services.

The country intending to apply the model needs to respect the international conventions governing the tourism sector.

A regulatory framework that fosters the growth of a microenterprise culture by reducing the amount of red tape.

In terms of culture, it is essential that the local communities in the areas where the CDP model is to be applied present the following characteristics:

aware of their own resources and of the tourism potential they represent;

receptive to new proposals for local development;

culturally predisposed towards teamwork and relations with a range of interlocutors: institutions, economic and social parties, communities, and trade associations.

Other essential prerequisites for adopting the CDP model in an area are:

the existence of properties (hotels, houses, huts, etc.) available for use as tourist accommodation;

the area must be accessible.

All the organisations involved in CDP, the National Park of Gran Sasso, Legambiente, Carsa S.p.A., Federparchi and Cresme, are available to provide technical assistance to countries interested in implementing the model.