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• Serbia

Petnica Science Centre - Innovative Support to gifted Students and Ethusiastic Teachers

The most important results of Petnica activities are related with quality in teaching and pleasure of learning, like the increased selfconfidence or more critical thinking.

In favour to such impacts, we can consider some positive results:

More than 38,000 students attended Petnica SC’s programs since 1983.

More than 4,000 teachers from about 350 schools, over a total of 450 in all the country, took part in in-service training programs in Petnica.

Since 1982 Petnica SC had organized more than 2,000 courses, workshops, and science camps.
Petnica SC students realized and published nearly a thousand research papers.

Nearly five hundred of Petnica alumni have received masters and doctoral degrees in science, technology, and humanities.

A number of teenagers, Petnica SC’s participants won international awards for secondary-school research achievements. More than 80% of internationally awarded students from Serbia have been Petnica SC’s participants or alumni.

Although the interest in science careers has gradually decreased in the past fifteen years, number of applicants for Petnica SC programs constantly increases,

Interest for Petnica programs of students and teachers from other countries in the region and abroad is increasing year by year,

Petnica Center became an important partner for the most state and regional organizations and bodies when discussing topics such as science education, development of human resources, new teaching methods, innovations,or reform of education.