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• France

Agricultural Towers for multi-level Cultivation

by Jean-Claude REY

The agricultural towers for multi-level cultivation allow to increase the cultivation surface area and need a minimum of maintenance. They simplify the control and enriching of the soil for a truly organic farming. Thanks to their multilevel design, they limit plant aggressions and can be covered by nets to increase the protection against flying insects. They can be modified to fit the ground on which they are build and to optimize the control of water, using only the strict minimum. They run entirely on solar energy which is clean, renewable and free, also allowing alimentation to other structures, such as preserve farms, health centers, schools, etc.).

For the first time, the garden, its operating energy and its water are all in the same place. Thanks to their self-sufficiency, these structures allow rain water storage in tanks and also, if desired, the local distribution of drinking water to surrounding populations, improving their living conditions.

With a permanent cultivating cycle, the production excess and the seasonal local production can be sold, thus creating economic and social hubs. These towers don't impose the cultivation of any particular crop or upset habits, lifestyles and customs. It’s easy to protect them from intruders.

Adapted to every need (cultivating, pre-cultivating, tree nurseries, experimentation, etc.), the agricultural tower is totally independent and can even provide energy above its own needs.

The success of this innovation was made possible with the support of the EBN network – European Innovation Centers Network- and the Business Innovation Center Thésame in Annecy (France) following the values of sustainable development.

These multilevel towers are patented and have won many international prizes. In January 2010 they got the first prize of the EBN-UNDP IDEASS competition for innovation in human development oriented towards technologies in sustainable development.