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Agricultural Towers for multi-level Cultivation
International Interest

The multilevel agricultural towers have been patented and have won many international prizes:

  • Geneva 2009 Invention fair, Prize from the German Inventors Federation.

  • Geneva 2009 Invention fair, EBN prize for european innovation.

  • Geneva 2009 Invention fair, Gold medal.

  • 1st Prize Thésame for innovating companies.

  • Trophy of the Rhône-Alpes Eco-innovation and of ADEME.

  • 1st Prize EBN-UNDP IDEASS for innovation technologies in sustainable development.

Agricultural towers are the ideal solution for countries lacking cultivable grounds or subject to natural disasters. Climate change, the sudden rise of prices for raw materials and oil, will lead to a strong development of this type of farming.

Governments, councilors, professionals, privates, associations and NGOs are the potential users of this type of structures in order to be autonomous with the production of a part of their food supplies. This innovation enables small and big producers to create their seedling, vegetables and fruits for their own use, for schools, refugees, etc.