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Agricultural Towers for multi-level Cultivation
What problem does it solve?

Agricultural towers are an answer to the management and preservation of water and soil. They provide solutions for the lack of cultivable grounds and use solar energy. The loss of cultivable grounds is as much a problem for rich and industrialized countries as for poor countries around the globe. The main purpose of these towers is to allow local populations in developing countries to be self-sufficient with the production and preservation of their food, optimizing their use of water.

The main objective of this innovation is to deal with water shortage, collecting rain water and watering excess in order to water the different levels of cultivation. The roof collects rain water, protects crops from violent storms, hail or strong sunlight. The raised tubs keep rodents and other crawling animals away, the crops are untouched by accidental liquid or solid pollution and it's now possible to work in an upright position.

Agricultural towers generate social and economic hubs; they are an answer to rural exodus avoiding depopulation. They become a staging post for nomadic people assured to find water, food and energy.

These towers generate employment and improve local economies by creating short supply chains. This technology employs local labour capable of working in the towers. The local populations are trained for the setup and the maintenance of these installations.