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Official Directory of Art Professions in France
What problem does it solve?

Art professions are the pillar of France's intangible cultural heritage. They are little known to the general public and yet in France they offer a range of over 200 crafts. The over 38,000 artisans in he directory offer a range of careers that can interest young people. In France this sector has a turnover of 8 billion euros, which means there is significant potential for economic and territorial development. Art professionals are an expression of a lifestyle of a time when men made use of and developed local resources directly for the community. Craftsmen have always been part of both tangible and intangible heritage; they build, restore monuments, landscapes. Also, by keeping alive local heritage, arts and crafts contribute to sustainable territorial development. Today they offer great potential for development, thanks to the artistic creativity and imagination of artisans who are interested in contemporary economics. So they represent an indisputable resource for education, training and the economy. A significant number of these skills are in a precarious state because of the economic situation and industrialization and suffer from a poor image among young people. To promote an attractive image of these professions and to give greater visibility to artisans, the Institut National des Métiers d’Art has in recent years set up several directories and inventories: • The Inventory of Rare Art Professions in Paris and Ile-de-France to identify enterprises and rare know-how to be transmitted via the website, • The Inventory of Rare Art Professions in France, within the framework of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage and a catalogue of rare expertise. • The Official Directory of French Art Professions, which aims to boost the visibility of handicraft enterprises and artisans in France and abroad Finally these initiatives also aim to promote business excellence not only to safeguard heritage but also to promote human development and social cohesion. A tool for local development The Annuaire Officiel des Métiers d’Art de France is an important tool for any government intending to invest strategically in local development. Worldwide, arts and crafts with their wealth of know-how are an undeniable resource for territorial development and employment. They involve traditional activities that over generations have developed into unique skills, rooted in local cultural, historical and material resources. This intangible cultural heritage is a resource for creation, education and tourism. Through the Directory an artisan can be selected from a region and his or her expertise appreciated. It is an opportunity for initial contacts with local crafts. Complementing the information compiled by INMA, the Directory is a tool for regional administrations to monitor and identify local specificities. A tool for art professionals The Official Directory of Art Professions in France is an important tool for artisans, the general public, potential investors and traders at national and international levels. Artisans wishing to contact national and international customers now have a showcase on the Internet. The Directory also provides detailed information on national and international opportunities for professionals who wish to participate in events, exhibitions or competitions. The Official Directory of Art Professions in France is open to all artisans that meet the criteria defined by the Institut National des Métiers d’Art and its partners. The Directory offers the opportunity to find skilled artisans quickly by looking at their profile, know-how and products. The Official Directory of Art Professions in France helps purchasing advisors and private citizens from all the regions of the world to make contact with qualified artisans listed on the site.