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Official Directory of Art Professions in France

The Institut National des Métiers d’Art has been developing the Official Directory of Art Professions in France since December 10, 2007 in conjunction with local and national stakeholders, chambers of trades and handicrafts, chambers of commerce and industry, professional organizations and local professional associations. It provides monitoring and information on handicrafts through its resource centre, video library and website Its online information, especially on training, is aimed at raising awareness of these trades among young people and the prospects they offer in France and Europe. With its list of online events, it is particularly useful for professionals and purchasing advisors. Its communication activities include the promotion of the Official Directory of Art Professions through dedicated communication tools and information on events such as:

• The Prix Avenir Jeunes, which provides information on arts and crafts throughout the year at regional and national levels.

• Journées des Métiers d’Art, a national event initiated in 2002 by the Ministry of SMEs, Trade, Crafts and Professions and is great opportunity for professionals to meet the general public (open workshops, exhibitions, information on training in crafts). Information on the artisans, thanks to the profiles submitted by local chambers and business organizations, is sent by mailing list to nearly 30,000 art professional offering free and voluntary registration. This initiative is supplemented by editorials in professional journals, distributing flyers at trade shows and business events, links and exchanges with advertising partners' websites. During these years, the Directory has achieved the following results: • Creation of a showcase to foster the heritage of France abroad

• Discovery of the specificities of French craftsmanship by sector and region

• Improved visibility of French professionals

• Creation of a network of professionals on the Internet, with 2,500 referenced professionals and a potential of about 10 000 French professionals meeting the quality criteria

• Presentation of the diversity of art professions: from rare crafts to luxury crafts, which are a French specificity and represent approximately 1000 professionals of great quality

• Support provided through: participation in key arts and crafts events (exhibitions, prizes, competitions, publications) • Creation of a flexible tool that can be replicated at international level INMA encourages the participation of professionals in exhibitions and events such as Les Artisanales de Chartres (October 2009), Le Salon de la Maroquinerie (September 2009), Opération «Accessoires absolus» magasin Le Printemps (September 2009). The art professions in the Directory have also been promoted in the press: Elle Décoration, December 2009, Cicale, September 2009; Maison Française, September 2009, L’Objet d’Art, August 2009; Maison à part, June 2009; Métiers 37, June 2009; Le Figaro, December 2008; Le Nouvel Observateur, November 2008; Vielles Maisons Françaises, May 2008; Offrir International, April 2008; Maison & Objet, January 2008; A Nous Paris, January 2008. The Directory was featured on the television channel France 5 in November 2009 during the broadcast Question Maison.

International interest The purpose of the Official Directory of Art Professions in France is to highlight local crafts that can meet the new challenges and aspirations of the contemporary world. The site offers a catalogue and virtual gallery of the cultural diversity of rare, exquisite or exceptional crafts so that they can be appreciate the world over. As such, the Official Directory of Art Professions in France is registered as an intangible cultural heritage inventory, as required by the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. It also gives artisans, public organizations, associations and institutions in many countries permanent virtual networking through the Internet links on the site. In addition to this specialized site, the project promotes crafts and exhibitions held by partner organizations and countries. The online Directory has an average of 4,000 hits per month, from 41 countries, mainly in the Mediterranean, and 461 cities.