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Official Directory of Art Professions in France
The Official Directory of Art Professions in France, in practice

The Official Directory of Art Professions in France is a website that lists all referenced artisans, according to different criteria: • Geographic: by selecting the region and then the department by clicking on a map of France, or by using the search engine, • Sectors, and then professions (e.g. wood sector, woodworker) • Type of activity (creation, restoration or tradition), • Key words: product, company, name of an artisan, etc. • Multicriteria searches are also possible: sector, profession, region, city. The directory is free and can be freely accessed. The selection criterion of quality is used for the registration process. Searches for artisans can be carried out in several ways: geographically and/or by trade group. Search results are listed alphabetically and by city. After choosing an artisan, the artisan’s web page comes up.

The implementation of the Directory In France, the Institut National des Métiers d’Art (INMA) was given the responsibility for designing and implementing the Official Directory of Art Professions by the Ministry of State for Trade, Crafts, Small and Medium Enterprises, Tourism, Services and Consumers, as part of its public service remit. In interested countries, this instrument should be implemented through a national institution for the promotion of productive activities, culture, commerce and tourism. The institution can set up a working group in collaboration with key players, such as chambers of trades and crafts, chambers of commerce, professional associations, other relevant ministries. In France, the Directory’s site was created in conjunction with the website of the Institut National des Métiers d’Art. The Directory is based on the principle of voluntary and free registration of arts and crafts professionals. In countries where the search for trades and professionals requires direct knowledge of workshops and production, the National Committee responsible for the production of the Directory may establish different, context-specific procedures, in conjunction with local governments.

The Editorial Committee An editorial committee was set up on October 4, 2007, proceeding then to decide on membership, missions, operation, rules, selection criteria and the list of supporting documents to be provided by art professionals. Members include the directory’s main partners: ministries, consular chambers and professional organizations. The Committee monitors the application of criteria for selecting registered artisans; site management and development is carried out by the Institut National des Métiers d’Art. The Committee is chaired by the INMA Director General and made up of representatives of three ministries (Ministry of State for Business and Foreign Trade, Ministry of Culture and Communication, Ministry of Education), representatives of Chambers of Trade and professional organizations and two qualified individuals. Registration is in two stages: a first pre-registration stage involves filling out a form, to be validated by INMA upon receipt of supporting documents; the second stage involves putting the information on line together with the new member’s password and login so that the information can be changed if necessary.

Selection criteria The Official Directory of Art Professions in France is open to all art professionals that meet the criteria defined by INMA. The criteria are: • The practice of a profession within the classification established by the Ministerial Decree of 12 December 2003 regardless of professional status (artisan, artist, professional, etc); • Mastery of a traditional but also innovative skill, techniques and tools to create, transform, restore or conserve, either alone or heading a team, art works and objects produced singly or a small series; • Possession a school certificate and/or experience of at least 6 years in the profession in question; • Possession of a workshop in France, • Awareness of fiscal and social obligations.

Voluntary and free online registration A presentation of the directory and its regulations (*PDF download) are available on the Directory’s website, which also has a pre-registration page. After confirming that the rules have been read and the checkboxes filled in, the user is redirected to the registration form. This is the pre-registration stage. Registration is validated by the INMA project manager, after receipt of supporting documents: • an extract of the artisan’s registration in the Répertoire des Métiers or the Registre du Commerce, a certificate of affiliation to a professional organization; • certificate (s) for the profession practiced or, if not in possession of a certificate, proof of six years of experience; • any document proving the possession of the skills concerned (Maître d’Art, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, etc); • any proof of the possession of a workshop in France (electricity, telephone or water bill). After pre-registration, the artisan receives a login and password by email, which provides access to his or her profile to make any changes. Upon receipt of supporting documents, the artisan receives a confirmation of registration by e-mail with a direct link to his or her profile.

The artisan’s profile INMA has defined a format for each profile containing information on the artisan. The profile includes: • 10 photos of his or her products (with zoom function) • Contact information: name, address, post code, city, phone, cellphone, fax, email, website • Sector, trade, specialty • Qualifications and training • Specific expertise • Professional references (orders, sites) • Company presentation: history, company know-how, products, production capacity, etc. • Link to professional site