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Stabilak, for the natural preservation of milk
STABILAK in practice

The lactoperixodase system, at the basis of Stabilak, is constituted of three components which meet in the mammary gland: the lactoperoxidase enzyme, a milk's natural protein, ions of thiocyanate, which have origin in the liver, and reactive oxygen which originates from the leucocytes, or within the white blood cells. The reaction brings about the oxidation of the ions of thiocyanate, which merge with specific components of the bacteria, generating bacteriostatic (impeding their reproduction) and bactorecidal (eliminating the bacteria) effects.

The product comes in two formulas, known and identified as STABILAK 1 and STABILAK 2. Both formulas come in the form of a powder, in premeasured hermetically sealed packets, one for an average volume of 50 litres, and another for 500 litres. The STABILAK 1 formula also comes in tablet form, in a bottle of ten tablets each, for a 50-litre dose. The same formula for 500 litres can also come in an hermetically sealed bottle, with the amount of powder for that volume.


The volume of milk to be treated is determined by approximation.
For every 50 litres of milk, one packet of STABILAK 1 is added, and the milk is mixed for two minutes. If tablets are used, another tablet is added. If the volume is 100 litres, two additional packets of STABILAK 1 are added, and it is mixed in a similar fashion.
A packet of STABILAK 2 is added right away and mixed for two minutes. If 100 litres are being treated, two packets are added.
For intermediate volumes, the adjustment made is 25 to 74 litres for every 50-litre dose. Additional doses of 50 of STABILAK 1 and STABILAK 2 for every multiple of 50 litres in the container, adjusted for every 25 litres.
In the case of 500 litres, proceed as above, except that adjustments are made by 250-litre volumes. So for 545 litres, first the packet of STABILAK-500 is added and mixed for two minutes and immediately a packet of STABILAK-2 is added and the mixture is again mixed for two minutes.

Both the 50-litre dose and the 500-litre activator of the LP system are packaged in boxes for 2 500 litres, stable for a minimum of 9 months at room temperature