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• Cuba
• Nicaragua

Stabilak, for the natural preservation of milk
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Ponce P., López, M. G. and Martínez E. 1987. Conservación de leche cruda mediante la activación del sistema Lactoperoxidasa. Revista Salud Animal, 9:120–128.
Ponce P., Capdevilla J., Alfonso A., López M.G., León R., and Taguada A. 1992. Conservation of raw milk through activation of Lactoperoxidase system in Cuba; World Animal Review, 73:31–41.
Ponce P. 2001. National and international experience of Cuba in the application of the Lactoperoxidase system for the conservation of raw milk. Abstract of the Third International Meeting of the Global Lactoperoxidase Programme. Havana, Cuba, 26–29 March 2001.

For more information about the different aspects of production and use of STABILAK, you may contact directly:

Ing. Pastor Ponce Ceballo, Ph.D.
Centro Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria, CENSA
Apdo. 10, San José de las Lajas, La Habana, Cuba


Information is also available on the FEPALE web page: INFOLECHE; see