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• Nicaragua

Serodiagnosis KIT of Human Leptospirosis and Chagas Disease

THE CNDR/MINSA ELISA LEPTO KIT is a laboratory technique for the prompt diagnosis of human leptospirosis using samples of serum, plasma and blood from suspected leptospirosis patients. The KIT gives rapid laboratory results (2½ hours), is cheap and provides high diagnostic resolutions (100% sensitivity and 99.6% specificity).

THE CNDR/MINSA CHAGAS KIT is another laboratory technique that provides prompt diagnosis of Chagas disease in suspected patients and can be used to screed serum, plasma and blood samples. The KIT gives quick laboratory results (2½ hours), it is cheap and provides high diagnosis resolutions (100% sensitivity and 98.4% specificity). The Nicaraguan Ministry of Health developed this laboratory technique for the serologic diagnosis of Chagas Disease. At the time, it was the only country in Central America that did not have the economic and technical resources to conduct studies on this parasite. For this reason many aspects concerning prevention and control were unknown in the country.