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• Colombia

Maloka, a place to meet science and technology
Who to contact

Maloka is interested in sharing its experience and knowledge with all national and local government authorities, municipalities, chambers of commerce, civic organisations, private businesses and mixed or joint enterprises in the development of interactive centres like Maloka in their respective environments, so that everyone may enjoy the benefits.

Maloka’s external programmes
Cristina Colimón * Head of external programmes

Maloka’s educational proposals

The ‘Temporadas’ (seasons)
Mayali Tafur * ‘Temporadas’ coordinator

Maloka’s work with teachers
Claudia Carrillo * Coordinator of the Teacher Wednesdays and Pedagogical Club

Maloka designed educational materials
Marcela Lozano * Educational Materials Coordinator

Mediateka (media library)
Argie Rozo * Mediateka Coordinator

Maloka science clubs
Jorge Gutiérrez * Science Club Coordinator

Interactive Centre design proposals
Sigrid Falla * Head of Development and Production

Production and Technological Development
Manuel Franco Head of Production